Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Trial Run of Holocaust Unit on Google Earth

Today, I piloted the first part of a Holocaust unit that I developed, using Google Earth, with my seventh grade religious school students. Two things caught my attention:

1. Students don't know how to use Google Earth as well as I thought they knew how to use it. Many students know how to find their own home on Google Earth; but many of them have not used the marker or trail functions. I'm going to develop a cheat sheet on how to use specific parts of Google Earth. This will make it easier for students. The challenges were certainly overcome-able.

2. I hadn't thought about the fact that many students would have a hard time finding countries in Europe. While students did have this difficulty, the activity pushed them to further develop their geographical awareness. People should have an image of the layout of the world in their minds. I'm thrilled that this activity will help in this regard.

By the way, again, if you'd like a demo of this Holocaust/Google Earth resource, let me know.

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