Monday, April 20, 2009

Google News Timeline

Techcrunch is running an article entitled, "Google News Timeline Offers a New Way to Search the Past." It states, "Today, Google Labs launched a new product called Google News Timeline, which lays out the top stories from Google News in columns for each day. You can scroll down to see more stories or, of course, can search for specific topics or keywords. (It also launched similar image search)

You can actually search for any topic heading and see information as it was chronologically developed. You can insert specific dates to see the information that appeared on that day. Many of the top resources on this widget come from Time Magazine, a magazine that most middle and high school students can easily read and understand.

Consider the ways in which you could use this new widget to promote high quality learning. Students will easily be able to find information to compare similar events across time, including: elections; scientific discoveries; fluctuations in economic markets; and, technological innovations. Obviously this list could go on indefinitely.

Of course, in order to use this research tool to its potential, educators will have to develop curriculum resources with effective prompts.

Stay tuned!!

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