Monday, April 13, 2009

Pirates of Somalia

As readers know, I have begun developing core curriculum content that takes advantage of Web 2.0 resources. These types of resources have the potential to be both engaging and edifying. I'm in the process of completing my second unit on "The Great Gatsby." You'll see more information about the first unit that I developed here. Both of these units use Google Earth.

Well, when I was contemplating today's blog post, I thought about the act of Piracy off the coast of Somalia. This would make a great Google Earth lesson. Initially, I thought that I'd simply develop a Google Earth layer and link to it. But, this is an awful lot of work. So, I reckoned that I could find a Google Earth layer created by somebody else, and I did find it.

This map alone is certainly not a curricular unit. In fact, I think what separates my content from other educational resources is that we actually develop learning resources around technology. Yet, effective teachers will be able to use this map to promote high quality learning.

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