Monday, June 22, 2009

Staying in Touch?

A Washington Post blog is running an entry entitled, "Where in the World is Mark Sanford?" The entry states, "South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford has not been seen or heard from since last Thursday, according to the State newspaper, although those closest to him remain unconcerned." His staff reports that occasionally the governor does like to go without communication.

In today's culture of 24/7 connectivity, what does it mean for an individual to go three or four days without communicating with others? Perhaps an unusual behavior, is it a negative characteristic? If it's a positive characteristic, why so?

I've heard of several outward bounds programs that require participants to spend a complete day on their own in the wilderness without provisions. What's the point?

Perhaps the point is to come in touch with the most important voice in the whole world - one's own voice?

Sometimes it's simply nice to stay in touch with.....Yourself!!

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