Friday, June 19, 2009

A Student Perspective: School's Future?

Pundits and policymakers often discuss the future of school. What will classroom teaching and learning look like in five years? ten years? one hundred years? But, I have not heard of many people asking their students to consider what teaching and learning will look like in the future.

You might consider asking students to write papers in which they consider the ways in which Twenty First Century technology will shape the future development of education systems. Just consider the ways in which this one question could open up student minds:
1. How often do they consider the differences between Twentieth Century technology and Twenty First Century technology?
2. Students use technology, but how often do they stop and think about the meaning of technology?
3. Have students ever considered the nature of the educational system, or for that matter, the meaning of the word "system"?
4. Challenge students to consider the difference between teaching and learning.

Just some questions to consider on a slow Friday afternoon.

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