Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West at MTV

The London Times is running an article entitled, "Kanye West Spoils the Show at MTV Awards." The article states, " US rapper Kanye West stole the show for the wrong reasons at the MTV Video Music Awards last night when he invaded the stage and interrupted a winner (Taylor Swift) to say that the award should have gone elsewhere."

The article explains, " Russell Brand, the controversial British comedian who hosted the event, reminded the audience of the drama as he closed the show, offering Swift "a shoulder to cry on...But the teenager, who was the US's best-selling artiste after Michael Jackson this year, had already left to record a video of her single You Belong With Me in a subway station."

Questions for Younger Children
1. If you could give an award to the best television show/video game/singer (you pick it) to whom would you give the award? Why? What do you like about this show/game/singer?

2. Have you ever played a game and lost? How did it feel after you lost? Why do think that it felt this way? What does it mean to be a fair loser?

3. Have you ever wanted to say something but known that it would be mean or bad to say it? Why would it have been mean or bad to say this? Did you feel good about not saying it? Why or why not?

4. Have you ever seen somebody go somewhere where they should not have gone? Mabye into a teacher's lounge or into a room that says private? Why do you think that somebody would go somwhere they should not go? Would you consider such an action rude? Why or why not?

Questions for Older Students
1. Vocabulary terms to discuss: Humiliated; Umbrage; Consoled; and, Allegations.

2. If you could have said one thing to Kanye West last night after he wrote his appology, what would you have said? Why?

3. Madonna explained that most people turned their backs on Michael Jackson after he encountered difficulties in his life. Do you think that this is typical human nature? Why or why not? Is this kind of behavior appropriate? Why or why not?

4. Thirty years from now, if you were to tell your children about the most significant cultural contribution made in the later part of the First Decade of the Twenty First Century, what do you think that you would tell them about? Why? Do you think that this contribution will be remembered? Why or why not?

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